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Brisbane, Australia, Oceania
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GIS Analyst/Specialist

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Ref: GIA200730.3

This busy Brisbane consultancy is seeking to employ another three GIS Analyst/Specialist to their growing team of outsourced site or home based team members.

It is envisaged that you will have at least 5 years industry training/experience and be highly competent using either the ArcGIS suite or MapInfo and have proven experience in the Utilities sector.

In addition to your carto, mapping and data analysis experience your day to day tasks could see you providing some technical support to the business whilst working on new linear projects. It is imperative that you have Australian professional work experience and training for these new contact assignments.


About this job


You will be available for an online interview and or online meeting on a few days’ notice.

In the first instance all candidates will email a copy of their updated resume (word.doc format ONLY) together with a one page cover letter to

Your cover letter should provide a comprehensive summary of your spatial industry experience, notation of your qualifications and direct contact details including your state/city of residence.

Only Australian or New Zealand trained candidates with at least 5 years local spatial industry experience, appropriate industry training, qualifications and those who have emailed a copy of their resume as well as a cover letter will be considered for these new GIS Analyst/Specialist contract roles.


Job keywords/tags:  ArcGIS , MapInfo , AutoCAD Utilities , Water , Electrical or Gas Distribution
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